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My story

I had noticed unusual bruises all over my body and extreme fatigue in December 2009. A week later, I collapsed at work. After a night in the emergency room, I was transferred to the Karolinska Hospital to see a specialist. The doctors waited for my family to arrive before they told me the truth. I felt the shockwave through my body like a series of bombs:

“You have cancer.”

“You will lose your hair.”

“You have to get chemotherapy today, otherwise you might die in the next 72 hours.”

My life turned upside down in an instant. The type of acute blood leukemia they found was quite rare and very aggressive, so I began rounds of chemotherapy immediately. Thanks to talented researchers, my prognosis was good—but before 1985, not many patients survived this form of leukemia. 

Sleep evaded me during the first weeks at the hospital. A day felt like a month; a week like an eternity. A life with friends, dancing and working had changed to blood tests, medications, food in plastic boxes and physicians. It was dark both outside my window and inside my body that winter.

My loved ones kept me alive. My family, boyfriend, friends: they were all there for me. I started to get better and eventually I could spend nights at home, even though the days were spent at the hospital. It was a welcome reprieve: I have never felt so small as I did in that place.

Then finally came a day when I was deemed healthy. The cancer took a lot, but it could not take away my joy or will to survive. I believe that everything happens for a reason. If scientists can reduce the death toll and side effects of this disease in the future, if patients or relatives can get advice or support through this foundation that I could not get when I was ill, then I know I have not suffered in vain. 


About the foundation

Cathrine’s Research Foundation (www.cathrinesstiftelse.se) was founded in 2011 with an initial donation from the Everts family for 1 million SEK. From the outset, we have worked carefully to defray unnecessary overhead costs. No board member or members of Cathrines Ideella receive a salary. No travelling, dinners or other superfluous costs are paid by the foundation’s money. 

At the end of every year, we report our collections and the percentage of these funds which go towards development and cancer research. At least 75% of annual income goes to the foundation’s purposes (50,000 SEK in 2015).

The Cathrine’s Research Foundation seeks to promote multiple forms of cancer research. Many serious types of cancers may be considered, but there is a particular focus on haematological cancers and acute leukemias. Our mission statement is to aid in the rapidity and efficacy of these brilliant research teams so that they may continue their work in easing the suffering of so many. 

Please send us an email if you are interested in donating to the foundation info@cathrinesstiftelse.se

Who can receive the prize and who can apply?

In order to receive the Cathrine Everts prize, an applicant can themselves apply to the foundation. Alternatively, an appropriate recipient can be suggested to the Board of the foundation.
Individuals are eligible to apply based on the criteria given in the foundation statutes. In essence, the Cathrine Everts Foundation supports clinically important medical research, clinical progress and/ or innovations that are directly applicable in healthcare to improve diagnostics, treatment, management and quality of life for adolescents and young adults who are suffering from serious forms of cancer.

The application should be 5-10 pages and structured as follows:

The project description may include 9600 characters spaces inclusive, and must include information on:

  • The applicant´s clinical and research background, the medical and clinical need area addressed, the innovation made and the personal contribution of the research/innovation/clinical improvement by applicant.
  • Purpose, general design, theory and method, relative to the international research front.
  • Other lines of clinical internationally important works and research made in the area’s during the past decade.
  • The researcher´s personal skills and qualifications. 
  • An outline how the personal research funding will be used (salaries, travel or other uses).

To apply please email stipendium@cathrinesstifelse.se

Award winners

2023 – Xiaonan Zhang

2022 – Ingrid Lilienthal

2021 – Joanna Zawacka-Pankau

2020 – Leal Oburoglu PhD

2019 – Dr. Liza Löf

2018 – Dr. Daniel Salamon MD Ph

2017 –  Dr. Anna Eriksson 

2016 – Dr. Parmida Ranji 

2015 – Dr. Stefan Deneberg

2014 – Dr. Christian Kjellander

2013 – Curator Sara Natt och Dag

2012 – The organization ’Ung Cancer’

Cathrines ideella

This creative group arranges events to collect money to the foundation.

For inquiries please send us a email to info@cathrinesstiftelse.se